My First Blog (testing, testing)

So, here it is, dan-da-na-na, my first blog post.

I’m setting up a blog and watching my beloved Man Utd get trounced by Spurs. Good times!

How does data information and technology apply to the realm of football, I wonder? I’ve most often heard Opta used in football. A quick google tells me this is a British sports analytic company. And what “turn” is sports analytics, Mahmud? Socio-cognitive, I think?

What about things like how information is used to green light films? It’s surely not a coincidence that we’ve been inundated with comic book movies over the last few years? And before that, zombie movies? And before that, who remembers? Action heroes with their shirts off firing uzis, or something.

I’m trying to come up with an idea for a blog post that will explain what we’ve learned in our first two DITA (Data Information Technology and Application – try and say that three times fast!) classes, but am drawing a blank. Or rather, I’ve got lots of ideas, but none of them I particularly want to do a deep dive on.

There are so many serious implications of big data. Voting. Privacy. Democracy. It seems like these big companies know more about us than we know about ourselves. And yet, I keep coming back to more innocuous things.

The Telltale episodic games would end with a screen that recapped your choices, and compared them with everyone else’s. 27% of players chose to do this. 95% of players chose to do this. I remember in one of the Batman episodes, one of my choices was in the 1%. A true outlier. What did that choice – I can’t even remember now – say about me? And, what did Telltale, if anything, do with that information? These are the kinds of questions that are preoccupying me.

Not to mention why Man Utd aren’t able to field a functioning defense. Why haven’t United hired a data scientist who can figure out that playing Pogo and Matic together doesn’t work?

Dammit, Tottenham have just scored again.

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